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Jellica has one of those nostalgic stories. He told me in a Twitter message that his first exposure to text porn was before the internet as we know it existed. ASCII porn, back then, moved through early forums called bulletin board systems BBSesTelenet, Usenet, and the sneakernet—the term for transferring files around on physical hard drives, CDs and floppy disks.

Goto80 told me that he finds teletext to be a particularly interesting medium for text porn. Including porn. And quite a lot of it. While diving into the world of ASCII art—adult or otherwise—everyone I lesbo pussy massage to suggested more people that I should contact or whose work I should naked out. In the Women art and porn community, some artists seem to attain a certain notoriety, and have kept them for decades.

Erotica with a typewriter. Not quite a sex fetish, but a nude with your typewriter fetish. Not an office supply sort of fetish. Some art them may be vintage but most seem made to look vintage. Chances are that is how the typewriter ascii into the photograph. What looks less suspicious and more out dated than a typewriter with a nude or nearly nude woman? Some are worse than others. I tried syntax plugins but they seem to glitch after awhile. Not sure what happened, likely it was a problem created while fixing something else.

I found a document embedding plugin but it relies on Google Documents to copy and post the full file. Would this impress you more than a penis photo, or less? Not a very diverse collection. Likely there are more adult, erotic, sex related emoticons around. There are people with too much time and other stuff on their hands.

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And as text graduates to pictures, pictures graduate to…. It is, essentially, Star Wars as a text-art movie. Simon started it in July and, as of this writing, last updated it in April While it may not be artit is a fun party trick and good for at least a few laughs.


These laughs just skim the surface of the most exciting possibilities. Entirely in monochrome, the amount of variance is staggering. In addition to the exposure it gave otakuTrain Man has some pretty wild scenes involving these evolved emoticons. The story that inspired Train Man was, like so many other modern yarns, originally unspooled on Japanese uber-BBS 2channel. Photo by hawkexpress.

But as more and more posters chipped in, he quickly developed into a fully fleshed-out character with an elaborate backstory.

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Kikkoman hails from Soybean planet. His friends Sugarman and Saltman help him battle the Sauce Brothers and Ketchup Man, and they employ powerful fighting moves like the Kikko-punch and the Kikko-beam. While ASCII art is a catch-all term, as I mentioned earlier, ANSI art is a special case, not just because it has extended characters, but precisely because its escape sequences allow for dithered blocks of varying shades.

Photo by Joe Smooth. ANSI art found a foothold in many BBSes, because it was easy both to add colorful vibrance and to transmit across dial-up modems in an age before widespread broadband. As a type of digital graffiti, ANSI art often has an organic, grungy appearance, with type simulating fantasy flourishes.