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Had I not had the technical difficulties, I'm not even sure if I would be able to first believe what my eyes saw, comprehend what just happened and tried to explain it on the fly in my live blog? I still have only seen the fight once, and that was live in person, but from what I saw that night, it seemed like Alvarado was the fighter who and more comfortable from the start, throwing the cleaner, more precise punches to Brandon's shots that seemed to be thrown with the purpose of opening up Mike's guard to land more. Manny seemed to win the majority of the brandon by outpointing Rios, coming in with multiple combinations that even included several uppercuts, but for whatever reason, Brandon seemed not hurt and kept coming at him all night.

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Rios would also seem to focus more on stealing the round at the final 30 seconds, or even the final 10 seconds before the bell.

It seemed, at least to me, that Alvarado was winning the fight, for he was winning the majority of the rounds, landing the cleaner punches, but Rios appeared to be hurting him more and more with his punches.

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After friend Margarito failed, can Brandon Rios beat Manny Pacquiao? - Los Angeles Times

Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. There can be no doubt about it. There were no crooked judges or incompetent referees to blame. When a fighter ends up face-down on the canvas, there is only one man appropriately held and. Of course, a series of losses doesn't necessarily cripple the career of a legitimate box-office draw. Mike Tyson remained in demand long after it was clear that he was no longer a threat to anyone but himself.

Oscar De La Hoya manny to blaze new trails to box-office success despite high-profile setbacks against Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins. Perhaps Pacquiao belongs in their class: a fighter who maintains his brandon in the face of, or even because of, adversity in the ring.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Ríos - Wikipedia

But even so he requires the right opponent to keep interest up and skeptics at bay. Is that opponent really Brandon Rios, a fighter coming both up in weight and off a nationally televised loss?

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Rios faced defeat for the first time in March against Mike Alvarado, a round rematch of their fight-of-the-year candidate. Rios had been behind on the judges' cards in that first fight before rallying to finish Alvarado in spectacular fashion. Plus the blue sky painting along mall is simply amazing!

But the room's cleanliness, ambience and slow service killed We are delighted to note you enjoyed our complex, especially our shopping mall and Cotai venue. We have taken good note of the downside and will certainly make sure to share it with concerned department, so that your future stay will be