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Then she finds someone else with a big penis to give her the sex she craves. Be honest with yourself, cuckold. She loves you with all her heart and she loves his penis.

A Guide to Verbally Humiliating Your Cuckold (with Examples) - Becca Bellamy

Then she welcomes you between her legs to soothe her sore vagina with your tongue. What a beautiful marriage. Those words, they make you weak in the knees. Are you ready to serve? Of course you are. A cuckold is always ready to serve his wife. She simply needs to motion to the ground and her cuckold husband will fall. Tumblr will eagerly serve her. Show him exactly how to bring cuckold pleasure. Show him precisely what you crave. Ask him if he wants to bring you the sort of pleasure you crave.

Humiliation will eagerly fall to his knees. Keep your legs tightly closed at first. Buy her lingerie that makes her body look breathtaking. Captions your wife prepare for an evening with her new lover.

Make sure he feels welcome in your home. He should incest hijab comic be better than you. Why would she want to sleep with someone that provides less than you in bed? You need to find someone to rock her world. There will be a tent a small oneof course in your pants when she tells you how good he was.

She Destroys You

That goes without saying. Become a Patreon supporter for cuckold captions plus a month and hundreds of cuckold stories, blogposts, JOI, tasks, and much more. Eventually, every cuckold realizes just how true this is.

Your wife deserves someone better. Sometimes she just wants something different. She just wants to have great sex with someone else. Be a cuckold and embrace that. Of course she should. Become a Patreon supporter for cuckold captions plus new captions a month along with hundred of cuckold stories, blogposts, tasks, JOI, and more.

I think we found the right one! Today She told you to meet her down the beach.

A Guide to Verbally Humiliating Your Cuckold (with Examples) - Becca Bellamy

Here She comes now …. Many times. No matter what the cost.

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QbF and I are in the living room. So why give a shit what QbF looks like? Just fulfill your function. At first it was just silly fun, and everyone was laughing, even her. They dragged her over to me and as she was trying to get free, she tumbled down on the ground. The girls then got her and held her down and said I had to come get my ass kissed. So I walked overand I started to feel turned on. I embarrassingly got a little wet.

Everyone was laughing including her. But then I walked over to her and then I stepped over her and my feet were on either side of her chest.

Cuckold For Humiliation

Then she looked up my skirt. Tumblr eyes followed her eyes. It was very erotic as she looked up my skirt. She looked at my panties up my skirt. She stopped laughing and started to get humiliation and started to say enough is enough. Everyone thought I was just going to bend down, with my butt facing her face so captions could kiss my butt. I sat right on her face. The other girls were all like omg at what I was doing.

My skirt completely covered her. I felt her mouth right on my panties. She was making muffling noises. Shaking her head back and forth… it felt so good.

I then grabbed her hair and pulled her face into my wet panties. I was already cuckold and orgasming at this point. She was mumbling and shaking her head.

Becca's Cuckold Captions

It felt so good. I began humping her face. It was exhilarating I was already on the verge of an orgasm. The other girls were so surprised at what i was doing. They gasped and were saying omg!! One of them lifted my skirt, and watched. My panties were so wet and i was humping her face.

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Both of my hands with fistfuls of hair, her eyes tearing up. My panties covering her mouth.