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Celebrities ring in the brand new decade from the exotic sands of the Maldives or The Twenties roar in! Millions of Britons party into the night as fireworks signal the start of a new London's burning! The film initially has him thinking that Capote is sympathetic to him, so he relates how he uses a knife and man on the family in a botched robbery. Then, on hearing from a prison guard that Capote is calling his book In Daniel Blood, the character waits for him in his cell, forces him against a wall and virtually rapes him.

Both actors are brilliant at showing the shock of the encounter. They later become so caught up in each other's lives, with Perry coming to depend on his friendship with the writer, that, in another prison encounter, they exchange a lingering craig. In Venice — the backdrop of a climactic scene in the Bond film — Jones said they had known each other since they filmed Hotel Splendide six years ago.

Neither of us is gay," he said. The prison scenes, best famous butts daniel the end of the location filming in Austin, Texas, were "a rather gruelling part of the movie".

He added: "I was always aware that it was going to be a pressurised situation to film these intense scenes in such an intimate space. Jones, who played Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, said he and Craig used their Britishness to overcome any kissing. We treated them very seriously.

We also had fun. Daniel is definitely a rough lover. I too find it doubtful that all this happened with no photos. Pretty much everyone has a camera on their cell these days, and you know someone would realize pics like that would get big bucks. Either way, eh, who cares. Kissing is the next Bond movie coming out? Neverminds, LayerCake is a good enough fix to see me through.

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Oh man, I really hope this is true! I have my doubts because the article seems to be embellishing several details about the Roosterfish bar, which is on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Lots of hot gay guys, though! Man-on-man action is so freaking hot! I so hope this is true. Daniel Craig would only seem even sexier in my eyes if he goes both ways. A polygraph, you say? Well, a lot of people know if you take a pill to relax you, or if you breath evenly while doing the test, you can fool a polygraph. This story stinks to me. Show me a photo!!

One of them pointed out that there is no parking lot at this club and another pointed out that Craig has two gay friends who are married to each other and have a child and that he goes out with them when he is in town.

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I have a feeling somebody is embellishing a little. Now where in the hell are my cigarrettes…. Oh my I need a drink. Danny seems like he would be rough. Love your steamy story. BTW I too am a female who loves the idea of man on man action.

Wow I though I was the only one that thought on man-on-man was hot. As long as everyone involved is consenting I habe no prob with Daniel being a switch hitter. Looking forward to the next installment Kaiser. I agree with the photo argument — without a photo, I have trouble believing Craig was in the bar as anything but a friend.

Rami Malek Kissed Daniel Craig and Wonders if He's a Bond Girl Now

Oh, there are photos indeed. If there were photos that were purchased for burial, would that really be necessary?

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Could it just be a site that is hand in hand with or even run by the PR people and the Hollywood establishment to hose down any flames? If all the poofs in Hollywood came out of the closet, the closet would be bare!!!

The man who kissed James Bond - Telegraph

Kaiser, I hope there is a part 3 to this story, the girls and some of the guys at the office are loving it! I think Kaiser might have stumbled onto a new career!!! I looked at the pictures of this loft, it looks very gay, especially the shower area.

I loved him in Layer Cake, and he was the best James Bond ever. Gay or straight or bi…. But Kaiser, you are turning up the heat, and my bf is out of town. Poor me. My male friend made out with him in a gay bar in San Fran about 5 years ago.

I thought everyone knew he was gay!