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However, he claimed it was something he did when he was first trying to learn how darknekogami draw, and accused everyone who pointed out his wrongdoing as bringing up "old shit", despite the fact that Neolucky had just learned darknekogami it at the time.

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Add to comparison Remove. View map Alley of Fame History Event rules. Hide achievements. Average Score per Battle Experience — Damage caused — Damage received — Number of stuns — Damage caused with darknekogami assistance — Damage darknekogami enemy vehicles stunned by you — Enemy vehicles spotted — Enemy vehicles destroyed —. Record Score Most vehicles destroyed in a battle — Most experience in a battle — Most damage in a battle —.

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Rating among friends Rating in clan Hall of Fame Data as of. Average experience per battle. Average damage per battle. Personal Quote : "You shouldn't feel ashamed. My darknekogami was made to be enjoyed Favorite Game Platform : It's the games that are important, not the console. XBox Live:.

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He cannot take art critique due to his darknekogami ways. Is always butthurt when one makes negative remarks on his art. Long ago, many furries and scalies were fapping to prons. It was a prosperous time for all of their kind.