First time sex bloopers

And believe me, it wasn't a celestial experience. He was trying to use his finger down there and accidentally stuck it in the wrong hole. It lasted all of two seconds, but I lost it. I died laughing, and he was completely mortified. In fact, just remembering it right now has me cracking up.

My less-than-endowed boyfriend and I decided we'd do the deed one night, and during a heavy petting session, I told him I was ready. His response?

10 Biggest First-Time Sex Bloopers

He didn't utter a peep during the act, and I thought maybe he wasn't into it. Unsuprising, if you take a moment to think about it. But what happened next was almost indescribable. Screaming wildly, I disentangled myself from her and the mountain of feces and ran into the bathroom to flush my arm in the toilet while my femme fatale just sat there screaming.

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Now every time I have the sex we have since separatedI get the smallest whiff of flatulence and the fucking is such stanky sorrow. Distracted by the situation at hand, I ignored my phone for several hours. She walked in on us mid-act. Always make sure you lock the doors before you have secret sex with an ex.

First-Time-Sex Bloopers

It started to hurt after about the first five, but she just kept right on going, sucking harder and harder. The next day they swelled up to about double their original size and, after a couple of days, they started peeling because they had been so inflated.

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I was in a photobooth with some girl at a party and we started to get into it when another girl came up and opened the curtain. Apparently the girl I was with had a problem with this other girl, because she immediately punched her out and casually sat back down. I have never been more terrified to hook up with anybody, but what choice did I have? The girl had a mean right hook….

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Sex Bloopers: A Collection of Anonymous Misfortunes | The Daily Nexus

Letters should not duplicate material being published or submitted Presents an interview with a couple, Maria Albarado and Yonel Www youporn image, regarding sexual intercourse.

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Describes the 10 great sexual moments experienced by an Australian woman.

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sex Or enter your postal code and country to search by location: optional. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. The article presents stories from female readers on their first sexual experiences. One woman talks about her significant other making her do a lot of different positions which made the experience awkward for her. Another woman discusses her first time which ended up not being the first time for her significant other and how emotional he got after time out.

Also, one woman talks about the sound her significant other made when bloopers orgasmed which prevented her own. Read the Article Courtesy of your local library Enter a first name or part of a name, city, state, or province. Alternative Energy Exploration. Arctic Drilling.