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Featuring Q-Tip, a brother who rarely made guest appearances on other cat's jams, "La Menage" was as cool a Cadillac with crimson-colored crushed velvet interior. Writing in precise, poetic detail about his post-prison sexual debauchery, whether in the house or while riding in elevators, Slick Rick comes across like the Henry Miller of hip-hop. Album : Hardcore Producer : Jermaine Dupri Label : Undeas, Big Beat It's kind of funny that in the beginning of Lil Deep sex videos career, writers were falling over themselves to declare her a new-jack feminist instead of just admitting that girls could be nasty too.

Still there was something empowering about hearing a female rapper stand up and demand what she wanted in the bedroom.

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After all, she's got all the leverage in the negotiation when she says "You ain't lickin' this, you ain't stickin' this. This track, from his classic Death Certificategets extra points because Cube is rapping all this sex stuff to some girl's daddy. Not sure if he's brave or dumb, but this track was a whole lotta fun. Years before Ice-T became a TV toy cop working the sex crimes unit, he was just another pretty boy getting his Iceberg Slim on.

Having gone from pimping to rapping, Ice wanted to prove he had lost none of his lustful edge when he transitioned into the rap game.

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Album : U. United State of Atlanta Producer : Mr. Collipark Label : TVT Although most hip-hop songs about doing the wild thing are not actually made to serve as soundtracks to intercourse, Ying Yang's brilliant "The Whisper Song" actually sounds sexy. With producer Mr. Collipark using a minimal bass beat that feels as though it was lifted from Prince's music vault, rapper D-Roc literally and lyrically whispers his way though the song.

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If he was smart, he would be charging big bucks to give some of them other wanna-be players macking lessons. Which explains why, when this song came out twenty-two years ago, every brother on the block wanted to believe that the seasoned rappers were talking about popping their own coochies instead of trying to put folks in sexual check.

For real, any song that ends with talking about "until the sores start to puff and spore," isn't really sexy. A year after its release, a somewhat rewritten version became the theme song for a public service campaign about AIDS.

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Album : Miss E So Addictive Producer : Timbaland Label : Goldmind, Elektra Perhaps the hardest song songs written about premature ejaculation, Missy's anthem was enough to chubby native american teen sluts many grown men cringe. Co-produced with her studio husband Timabland, "One Minute Man" pulls no punches as Missy pops off about being an "all nighter, shoot all fire," only to be disappointed when homeboy's hose can't put out her flame.

Whether this song was written about an actual experience we may never know, but no dude wants to hear his partner say, "It's all right, baby Coming from down south, where some of the dirtiest hip-hop has been created, Khia had no problem being straightforward good her man on this oral-sex classic. While some dudes were still getting used to lunching at the Vagina Diner, our girl Khia kicked it up a notch by insisting she wanted her crack done too.

Well, let us just say that Akinyele falls into the former category. How else to explain lines like "I'll be like Herbie and hand you a cock"? Along with Ak's rough rhymes, Crystal Johnson's spunky vocals are a big part of the reason this track fuck. Perhaps it's because this guitar-strumming Chris Forte—produced jam was so catchy, but back in the day it wasn't unusual to hear a club full of chicks screaming, " Album : Mr. While some kind of hip-hop amnesia has made most folks forget that this was a remake of LeShaun's fiery "Wild Thing," even swiping the Grace Jones music, the back-in-the-day crew recognizes.

LL gets a few extra points though for the erotic noir video, directed by Hype Williamsof homie chilling at the peep show. Real film fans know it was a sampled from Wim Wender's film Paris, Texasbut it was still hotter than a phat stripper's thighs. LL and LeShaun go back and forth with flirtatious lyrics for any man or woman to relate.

With persuasive lyrics, Usher helps seal the deal with getting you in the mood. Rap lyric will accurately describe what your night may turn out to be. She gonna get hers before I.

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This is only the beginning of these sexy lyrics. Ludacris makes our list again as he is the rap version of Trey Songz sex-positive ballads. I'd like to see him collab with Frank Ocean or The Weeknd. The Weeknd music make the ladies panties get wet! I'm goin' to the strip club, I'm throwin 30 thousand dollars nigga, 30 thousand! Gotta go with Frankie Ocean. Just as fuck as he doesn't leave off the climax track like last time. A dude mixed it with Laffy Taffy and I kind of like it more than the original.

Sensual seduction is one of those songs that is better censored. Same with the Whisper Song and Tipsy. I could never fuck to ying yang just because I'd laugh big booty bouncy nude they say pussy fart, which is a lot. Yo I did this the other day. I was organzing my vinyl and pulled out the mind sex single. Girl had never heard it so I threw it on, ate a refreshing salad then laid pipe. Uhh the Weeknd is pretty perfect, and the best part is almost every song is about sex and great to have sex too!

So just download House of Balloons or Trilogy and go to town. Pretty much anything by Frankie but this one is probably the best. I actually used it once and it was pretty good. Tea Leaf Dancers by Flying Lotus gets all songs booties wet.

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