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Hi Myself Priyesh 32M from Nashik. This is first story so excuse for mistakes if any. This incident indan sex vdos 3 years back. I n amit were friend since our college. Her mound was beautiful. Her dark pussy hair a steep contrast to her white skin. I again attacked her pussy and started sucking her clit. I flicked my tongue up and down over her clit. My finger was still in her pussy. I then inserted my middle finger too inside. After a few strokes the fingers had now started to move in and out more freely.

Her cuntal muscles were relaxed now. Then I withdrew my middle finger from her cunt. It was slick with her juices.

I prod my finger on her arsehole. I tickeld her hole and I then I moved my finger into her arsehole. This was something unexpected to her, but she was enjoying this new sensation. It was really tight. The heat inside nearly burnt my finger.

I had my index and middle fingers in her cunt hole and arsehole. I started sliding my fingers in and out together. This was driving her crazy.

I continued sucking on her clit and my free hand was on her breast pinching her erect nipple. I increased the tempo of my fingers in her two holes; she was going wild hot frenzy. After about 5 minutes of this continued fingering, she came, her hips were bucking wildly as if she was having a fit. Stories was groaning very loudly and I was afraid someone would hear her.

She was cumming in torrents. My fingers were drenched with her juices. It took her sometime to subside and after her breathing had neared sex, I decided it was indian time for the final assault.

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I was about to consummate this virgin. My dick was now rearing to go. It was about 20 minutes after I had cum earlier. It was still a little sore but this gorgeous female was not going to let it rest so soon hot. I stood up and now positioned my cock at the mouth of her pussy. I had to bend sex a bit to reach the right level. I put a pillow under her hips to raise it a bit. I told her to get ready for the most wonderful part. I also told Anjum that it would hurt her a bit in the beginning but after that, from then on, it would be only pleasure.

On enquiring about her periods, she told me that she had had them only hot days ago. I was thrilled to know that she was in her safe period. I would not have liked to use a condom with this chic, I wanted to enjoy indian with no barriers.

I held my cock with my left hand and her shoulder with my right. This is my real story it all started in office. Priya was worki Rajesh - The Masseur Hi my name is Rajesh and I am working as a masseur in Bangalore for the past two months and today I will tell u my experience with the first client of Kolkata Stories - Grand experience Hi my name is Rahul name changedI am 22 years of age and I am a regular goers to all pubs and discs in town.

I live in Kolkata and I love this cit Training ground of an expert officer I am a office staff with state govt since 10 years. For about 6 years I indian tried fora job till getting this. In village I was o Adjustment is life I vaheeda is a housewife with a strong sexy husband. We are rich to normal standards. Kid was 14 indian was in boarding. At home I was alone with him A journey to remember Hi readers, I m a great fan of this website jus like u all.

Reading others experiences led me to decide that I also share my first experience with u. I had my Personnel Computer at my room and I always enjoy xxx movies. Here I am going to te Sex hopped in I with my father and mousi. Mother was in Pune, working with a foreign bank. She has been forced to go for a short period. Flight of fantasy II Hey guys and girls, I am back with the second episode of flights of bangbros free previews. I start the second part thus.

The next morning we woke up and had a lovel I went towards her and held her waist and kissed her neck and told hot not to touch me. I kept kissing her neck and gave a love bite and slid my hands inside her pyjama and pressed her ass.

She was moaning softly now and i could feel her hot breath on my neck. I softly whispered that she could hold me now. She immediately removed my towel and caught my dick and started stroking it. I then pressed her boobs gently first as she let out a moan aaahhhhh every time i pressed them. I spanked her ass a few times and then slid my hand inside her pyjama and touched her vagina. She was completely wet inside. I sucked her boobs by sissy captions her kurti little stories below and fingered her pussy hard and fast which made her cum.

She then made me sit on the bed and started sucking my dick. This was by […]. I went home and told Suresh how I had a threesome at the meeting and he sex excited and fucked me hard that day. I was fucked so many times in a day I wondered.

He took me to Akash and we all had […]. She is really hot chick. A poor girl married to a middle class man meets a diamond merchant and recognizes as international model for stories, married the diamond merchant. Sex Story Books.

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Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Get your erotica book featured here. Juicy Sex Books. I continued doing this alternatively, I sucked gently and flicked the nipples with my tongue and then all of a sudden I would go hard on it.

Anjum had closed her eyes and her hand came instinctively over her other breast and she started squeezing it and pinching her nipples. I excused myself for a minute and went to the refrigerator and got a cube of ice. I placed the ice cube on her flat belly, she shuddered and this very unexpected coldness on her stomach. I held the ice cube with my lips and moved it over her belly. She was enjoying the sensations.

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I put it in her belly button and jiggled it. The ice was melting fast on her hot belly. I moved it slowly down onto her panty over her unexplored stories. I pressed the ice over her pussy crack. The cold water of the melting ice seeped through into her panty over her pussy onto her clit. I pressed the ice a little harder and jiggled indian on her pussy lips.

I could smell her sex pussy scent; my cock was beginning hot show some life again. The ice soon melted but I continued to tickle her mound with my nose and tongue, sometimes hard, sometimes soft.

She was groaning a little more loudly now. She had her head up and her eyes were closed and she was pushing her crotch up to my face wanting to get some more pressure on her clit.

I continued to tease her like this for some more time. Believe me it was worth all the wait. It was a glorious sight. Her pussy h air were soft and not coarse like older girls.

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They were still new like a girl who had only recently reached her puberty. My head was in a whirl.

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I parted her pussy lips with my fingers. Her clit was engorged and was slightly protruding out of her lips. The pink clit was craving for attention.

Oh God!!!!! I lunged at the clit with my lips and sucked it hard.

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The sweet smell of her pussy was intoxicating. She was very wet and her clit was slick with her vaginal juices. It was a bit cold too with the ice stuff. I flicked her clit with my tongue. I looked up and dipika nude image her not to call me Uncle and just call me Naveen. She lifted her legs and bent her knees up to her chest to give me more access to her cunt.

I went back to my work and I prodded my tongue into her cuntal hole. It was hot and well lubricated. I fucked her hole with my tongue. I then inserted my index finger into her cunt. It was tight and I started fingering her, at the same time I also continued sucking her clitoris.