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Another possible reason for vaginal itching could be a reaction to lubricant that could be on any condoms, sex toys or other non-hormonal contraceptive methods that you could be using. You could also be reacting to the materials used to make some of these things e. If it does, you can reintroduce itchy back and see if the itching returns.

The next step is to find replacements for whatever the culprit is, and continuing to enjoy your sex life. ALSO READ: Confessions: After first time… Yet another skin for vaginal itching after sex could be sexual or non-sexual vaginal infections such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis a condition that — while not an infection per se — is characterised by a white discharge with a very strong, pungent smell as a result of bacterial imbalance i.

Sex may be allergic to latex or another condom ingredientcertain lubesor even semen. You used an irritating product. Vrangalova explains.

Why Is My Vagina Itchy After Sex? The Common Causes of Vaginal Irritation, and How To Fix It

You have a STI. Itching is a symptom of several common STIsincluding trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and genital warts.

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Sexual Health and Genital Itching in Men & Women | Cleveland Clinic

Sobel JD. Approach to Women With Symptoms of Vaginitis. Continue Reading. Related Articles. How to Prevent Vaginal Itchiness. Is Sexual Intercourse Painful for You?

Itching After Sex: Causes and Treatments

The 3 Most Common Vaginal Problems. Understanding Changes in Vaginal Odor. Infectious Causes and Treatment of Cervicitis.

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The Basics of Vaginal Yeast Infections. In this article, we look at the possible causes of genital itching in females and males and discuss the treatment options. Some causes of genital itching after sex are the same, regardless of biological sex. Some of the symptoms, however, can differ. Below, we discuss allergies and infections that can affect both males and females. A latex allergy means that the immune system reacts strongly to any product containing latex. Latex condoms or lubricants that contain latex can cause uncomfortable symptoms in people with a latex allergy.

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These symptoms can include itching, redness, and swelling around the genital area after sexual activity. People can try using latex free condoms and lubricants to see whether this relieves their symptoms. When latex triggers contact dermatitisthe reaction may not occur until 12—36 hours after contact with the skin. Symptoms can include:.

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This type of reaction happens in people who have become sensitive to latex through previous exposure to it. Coming into contact with latex again triggers a response from the immune system, and people may experience:.

In some itchy, latex can cause anaphylaxis skin, which is a very severe allergic reaction. If a person notices any signs of anaphylaxis, they should seek immediate medical attention or call or the local emergency number. STIs often do not produce any symptoms, sex they can sometimes cause vaginal or penile itching. This itching and any other symptoms, which depend on miss alice mfc type of STI, may take several days to appear. Switch to an organic, chemical-free after instead.

Sexual intercourse can cause little vaginal cuts and tears in your skin that are harmless, but can be painful. Use a Sitz bath, and call your doctor if it doesn't stop bleeding or is extremely painful. A yeast infection isn't sexually transmitted, but it can occur after sex due to changes in the skin or if your partner is infected. Another culprit? Spermicide, serena bbw Nonoxynol-9, which can cause sensitivities that sometimes present as latex after.

Testing out non-latex condoms, like SKYN, which is made from polyisoprene, is also worth a try, in case you do have a latex allergy you were unaware of. So you wanna clean yourself up before sex. That's great! But douching and using heavily-fragranced soaps and body itchy on your sensitive vulva region is a big no-no.

Facial products are likely to be pH balanced for your face, not your vulva—and as we've learned, changing the pH of your vagina puts you at an increased risk of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Estafan says itching on the vulva itself aka your skin that is not inside your vagina can be cooled with cool water, applying a calming lotion such as organic coconut oil or sex diaper rash skin, cold compresses, or an over-the-counter anti-itch cream to the vulva area ONLY.