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Pulling out one big boob from her dress, Jasmine brings it to his face for him to suck on. Now look carefully at Jasmine's right nipple before and after he sucks it.

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It hardens and noticeably elongates immediately after he sucks it. When she takes out her left breast, that nipple is also long and hard. If you saw Jasmine's slo-mo breast bouncing video, the super-sensitivity of her nipples is talked about and seen in close-ups. While Tony is enjoying a boobs of big boobs, Jasmine is unbuttoning jasmine shirt. When she gets to his trousers, his horn is already jones and ready for Jasmine's wet lips.

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That would tears the shit up here! I want Tonys job. Jasmine is spectacular.

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Always a great woman. Unable to play the trailer? Full Scene Downloads Download. Bouncing Boobs.

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In this boner-busting Bonus video, Jasmine Jones jones about her life in Texas, hobbies and interests. The conversation turns to Jasmine's big, ripe, natural melons and how she tends to them. Going from telling to showing so we can go from talking to gawking, Jasmine takes her girls out sex fingers inside pussys brings them closer for a more detailed inspection.

Her areolae are enormous and as we've mentioned before, she has long, pointy nipples even harder and longer when aroused that could drill boobs through her bra cups. The camera is then set to a high-speed frame rate and Jasmine releases her boobs.

Watch them bounce, dangle, clap and and fly in super slo-motion! It's like they have a mind of their own. A guy could spend all day with his mouth full of those sucklers! Jasmine for the mammaries, Mrs.