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This is a beautiful and unique location and well worth taking care of. Bicycles are great, but no motor vehicles are allowed unless you have a DNR issued handicapped access permit. Do NOT leave the road or enter the woods. There is a large fine for doing so. At the end of the road is another parking lot handicap only and porta-potties. You can park and chain your bikes there.

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Just past that is the beach. Do NOT disrobe before being on the beach proper. There is no drinking water source or waste container at the beach. Take out what you bring in. No glass Law, BIG fine. Eyeglasses ok. Human butts are just fine! There is no overnight camping within a mile stretch up and a mile stretch down from the beach. Really, this river kills someone every year. Nearby campground: Cedar Hills. High on a ridge, beautiful views.


Naturist-friendly, but NOT a nudist campground. Ice and firewood available for purchase at the camground. The river near the beach is not deep and has sandbar-sheltered areas ideal for kids, but do watch them! It cannot be stated too often that this river is a killer.

The bottom changes constantly, with drop-offs and snags underwater. Never trust it! That said, the river along the beach is generally gentle and well behaved. Do not cross the river nude different countyand the island and sandbar are also off limits though you will see people on them. They also take care of lost and found, first aid, etc and are a wealth of information about Naturism both near and far.

Good people.

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Or you can fill out a survey here online. Who should you expect to see? The same people you see on the street. Couples, singles, gays, old, young, mazo, fat, skinny, buff. Quite a mix. Tanning oil wisconsin for tanning, not for fun. Cameras are in general not appreciated. When pictures are taken, it is usually among friends. If you wish to take a picture be photos to get permission, and make sure there are no identifiable people mazo the background.

Come and have a good time. At parking lot walk mazo bike, no motors 1 mile to handicap lot and beach. Do not disrobe before beach! Some estimates say that 70, visitors frolic in the freshwater, on the beach and in the surrounding woods each year, The New York Times says. Exposing one's genitals banshee moon com a misdemeanor in Wisconsin, but authorities in liberal Dane County have looked the other way for decades. There is a June 19 deadline for public comment about the management plan for the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway, which includes provisions threatening the nudists' limited use of Mazo Beach.

A petition asks people to declare that they "support the continued inclusion of long-standing traditional clothing-optional usage of the beach," and that "whether or not I choose nude recreation as my personal option, I oppose beach action by the [Department of Natural Resources] or any other public officials to beach or eliminate such usage. Officials had already shut the beach and the surrounding area on weekdays during the past year and cracked down on public sex and drug use mature jewish women nude models the area, WISC-TV reports.

Citations for those beach have remained steady since officials shut the beach, photos told the station. Joe Weingart was at Mazo Beach. Mazo Beach. James John checked in to Mazo Beach. Celeste Wheat is at Mazo Beach.

Kyle Richmond added a new photo — at Mazo Beach. Whoo hooo. Marty Richards is at Mazo Beach. Jim Garrett is at Mazo Beach. Jim Garrett added a new photo — at Mazo Beach. Steven H. Baumann is with Gretchen Watson and 4 others at Mazo Beach. Baumann is at Mazo Beach. That one's for Wisconsin Beautiful day, it was so nice riding our bikes and not walking down the trail.

Israel Cortes was at Mazo Wisconsin. Electra Photos added a new photo — at Mazo Beach. More stories. Property along the river was acquired in parcels by the State of Wisconsin since the s to provide a full range of nature based activities including hiking, wildlife viewing, hunting, fishing, and wildlife habitat. State Natural Areas of Wisconsin.

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