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December 02, Reviews.

Miss Julie / The Dissolve

Ullmann directed and wrote the script for the latest Miss Juliewhich moves the action from Sweden in to Ireland inbut otherwise stays fairly faithful to Strindberg. Julie has often teased and flirted with Jean, but on this night, she pushes the game too far, and the two end up in bed together.

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Before the sex, Julie and Jean banter about class and values. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. No Thanks Sign Up. John Thomason June 5, am.

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Miami Goes to the Edge of Emotional and Tits bukkake by SailThru. Top Stories Send:. This is, after all, The Way of the World. Director Liv Ullmann seems to want us to understand Julie not as a horrible deviant, but as a victim of her circumstance, reacting in an understandable way.

Chastain is also much older than Julie, making her awkwardness and innocence seem like a psychological outcome rather than the product of youth.

‘Miss Julie’ Is My Very Worst Date, Nineteenth Century Style | Bitch Flicks

The chemistry of her hauteur and his blunt carnality strongly recalls the menacing, eroticized class atmosphere that suffused Joseph Losey's great film "The Servant. Davis could be!

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If her performance is consistent, it is far from riveting. Mullan's Jean may not fit today's stereotype of a spoiled rich girl's working-class dreamboat, but he radiates a magnetic mixture of earthiness and cunning.

Even in those moments when his fantasy of running away with Miss Julie and having her set him up in business seems within grasp, he remains grounded.

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Because "Miss Julie" was shot in sequence in less than three weeks, it has some of the spontaneity of a filmed play. But the film's many close-ups and the camera's swirls lend it an air of hyper-realism that is contradicted by the schematic play adapted for the screen by Helen Cooper.