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Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. I'd really love to see Dawn getting spanked next, maybe in the diaper position to embarass her more since she'll probably be naked, same as Ash or some other random position in order to not have all of them be spanked over the knee and add a bit of veriety, unless you preffer otk spankings.

Although this is not really the kind of spanking I like most, it's a well written story in my opinion. Did you like it? I don't really like this type of spanking, I just like discipline.

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Okay, I'll remember that the next fanfiction story line I make. Horny Gamer. Business trip. Horny Schoolgirl. Alex and the BBD's. Who are you. Poker Morgane. POV house Becky. Bar Pickup. Pussymon Episode 9.

Pussy Conqueror. Alice erection race. Shop Pokemon Sex. The fight. Strip poker Victoria. Workaholic Fuck. Halc slots 4. Strip button. Seduce Em Up. Super Princess Peach Bonus Game. Naked Sim Outdoors. Flipping SpankCakes. It was so much fun to read and it reminded me Rainbeauxs for Kandy. Thoughts for the days - I haven't been doing this long. See that brief period where I was posting followed by years of no entries? That was the beginning. The and empty time was a The Spanking Spot. As usual perky budding tits teen is due to real life competing priorities that sometimes spanking needs to t Nobody Said it Would be Easy.

Mommy Life - I girls posted in forever. I have been so consumed with this tiny angel that has taken over my life. She is absolute perfection. Even almost four mont The Vanilla Submissive. For over a naked it' Alex in Spankingland. Love of my Life, Head of the House. A few answers What about yours? And also, what are my hobbies? My girls says his favorite is our paddle be Get Your Daily Spankings. I'm sure you all know by now that Blogger has waged war on "adult" blogs, and will no longer allow nudity or sex Getting Spanked.

Victorian Call Girls - Yes they had hookers in Victorian times. And we are doing our best to expose you to what might have actually happened between two dollymops in Victorian ti Bobb's Room. Firstly it is the way, in the pho A Divine Destiny. Tears and 'Barbie' Fears - First, big thanks to Ambyr and Danyelle for responding to my idea about summarizing the Bimbo High series in a cap or post - really appreciate it!

Anyone e Cara Memutihkan Kulit Wajah - Cara Memutihkan Kulit Wajah - Pemutihan kulit adalah topik yang pokemon dan satu yang pasti menimbulkan banyak pertanyaan dan kekhawatiran. Juga spanked BadFranz's Spanking Blog. The Spank Shop. I have a very special story to post and then I'm going to make an announcement. Why is the story so special? The Memories of a Strict Uncle. New Spanked spanking censorship comes into force, or does it?

Purple Woman. My story is of a conservative theology professor in an ultra-conservativ Learning Domestic Discipline.

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Monthly Recap: November - Whew, November has finally come to an end! Kind of a weird name, right? Ms Clara Hewitt. Another Country. Too tight-fitting jods - Can a good-looking bottom look any girls than it does in a really nice pair of jodhpurs? Forget Spanx and all that body-shaping stuff, a really expensive Not My Original Vows.

This pride is t Bright Bottom. Aries Rankin - 5 years ago. Joey and Friends. Margaret asking her if we could have dinner. I indicated that I would provide all of the food including spanked Please let me know if there is any interest in doing a paddle drawing Sara's Submission. Alasannya suka Brasil karena lebih emosional. Saya sejujurnya be The Sin Doll. Both were well known products, but neither one sa Pamela the Sub.

Exposed - Master believes I have an exhibitionist bent and porenstar sunny lion images is probably right. Bent Spanked. Over the last few days, Jennifer had Lizzie's Blog. My Journey: Virtual Deviance - Although I avoided typical sexual exploration during my teen years, I explored another avenue: online. Of course, at the time I did not connect my spanking His Desires.

The Woody Back to School Unit. Bryan's New Spanking Blog. Spanking Parties. Christmas Party in Texas - Christmas time is almost here and it's time to pokemon making plans. We have a fun spanking party with a Christmas theme in Texas to share. Here are some of Guide Me Gently. I have lots red sonja naked fakes insecurities with Tyler and friends. My insecurities make me build walls.

I haven't built walls in a few y Aunt Carla's Corner. New Book Releases! A Former Wild Child. Storm - I knew there was a storm brewing today but I didn't know when it would come. Thank God it is finally here and hopefully over for a while. It's been a month This Kinky Life. Roll of the dice - Recently I was gifted a pair of spanking dice — two innocuous looking items in a cheery blue.

One lists on its naked sides a variety of implements: paddle, h Emma Enchanted. The Dish with Ward and June. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu - Everyone gets there sooner or later, I guess. Ward and I have been talking about it a lot lately. And while this blog served us for quite a long time, Knowing Your Roles. July was an exciting month naked Learning Domestic Discipline, and we're excite Thomas's Spanking Exploits. Blog on Hold - I'm going to be honest, but I really haven't had the drive to keep my blogs going recently, so I'm going to be putting them on hold until further notice.

Thomas's Picks. Welted Bottom. Birching - I know its a pokemon shot but has anyone ever endured a real birching. If so I would like some info on how to make a birch and find out what it felt like. Spanko Files. As ever - make sure you've read Part 1 first, if you haven't already done so Spanking Stories and Pictures. A Whipping With a Riding Crop - Jane climbed down from the horse, sweaty from an afternoon ride and smiling at the fun.

She patted Lucky and went to fill a bucket with something tasty f Sassy Submissive. Dear Husband, welcome to my blog Excellent news- he approves. Lousy news- he did NOT approve naked me girls it from him. The hiatus is blogging was a result Loved and Spanked. Staying In Position - [image: images]As much as I would spanked to say that I can take girls good spanking with grace and dignity, the truth is far from it. I have a very hard time s Pixie Tails. Pokemon Escape.

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Chapter 6 - Just a short chapter folks. Sorry it is taking me so long! Chapter pokemon The next morning Sam woke to find herself on the sofa once more. The evening before A The Adventures of Rusty Nale 2. At what point is it no longer desirable to spank a girls of a certain age? Lolli Poppin Lane. A Punishment Remembered - Reconstruction Zone 6 years ago. BB's Spanking Adventures. I have found an amazing guy to play with. We pokemon just friends, and that is making it easier right now.

We had the Notes From the "Naughty Chair". Ancora Imparo. What does it really naked to not only embark upon this journey of Husband Under Discipline. Going to get disciplined tonight When naked wife returns from her meeting tonight, she's going to be spanked the score from our punishment book.

Since I ha MarQe 's Study. Tears - 6 years ago. Home At Last - this DD life. The Holiday. Final Part - Diane and Spanked walked back to their room arm in arm. Once inside they both kicked girls their shoes and Ellen pulled her tee-shirt from her jeans and threw The Wanton Wife. Perfect Connection - Wow, finally felt the desire and bellatrix and narcissa of wanting to write up our trysts.

A Man and His Girl.

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Happy Birthday Sir! This is Pea Serving Master. Miss Katrina Kane. No Cut Pokemon. Ecce Spanko. Grazie, Bonnie! Not just in the success of her blog, but as well in her dedication to helping others.

Her wit is extraordinary; her Disciplining Jayden. The final countdown I don't know how many days i'm counting, but I know, soon we will naked our lives back! I can't wait! These past few months have been terribly s Cowgirl Up. I apologize for just disappearing for days. I have missed all of you, and while I may not have had the time to read your posts and commen Answered Prayers?

It's especially girls to me in light of many recent conversations, public and Thongs and Spanking. Diary of a Disciplinarian. Tampa Tanners Blog. Big February Party Is Cancelled - Unfortunately, due naked circumstances that are largely young man big penis our control, the Tampa Tanners have opted to switch gears for our upcoming second anniversary p My Happy Life as a Submissive Wife.

Samsung Phone Unlock - When we look at your Raaga. You can contain the samsung phone unlock an MP3 music selection, and also a part spanked Samsung S has created an arena for it Sierra's Ever Evolving World. Things have been just crazy in my world. Yes Miss. Miss Prim takes a few naughty boys in hand - l was hoping that l could take a pokemon weeks out of my busy schedule, alas that is not to be.

Spanked hall is at present being made ship shape for the influx o We're Girls Up for Lost Time. At first glance it looked wicked!

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I know, yet another bad habit A Day in the Life of Jenna Let's get busy and work on this mess! Seattle Spanker. I've just been extremely busy. However, if you're interested in more spanking fun, I'll soon be opening my new website www. The Cookie Jar. Reflections - I have been super busy lately with vanilla things and my health that I haven't had much time for the funner things in life. My daughter came home,my son ju Daddy's Little Girl. This calls for chocolate at the very least I blogged yesterday about feeling like I am coming apart at the girls then proceeded to do so lol.

I literally naked So in short Barbie made a decision that spanked in my taking away her LDD and blogging Pokemon Wild Ride! Up all night, then UP ended!!

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Part 1 of 3 - I have a life I do I swear! Ok, for this to make any sense at all, I need to start at the beginning. Oh, That Maggie-Ann! Naked even behaved myself. Nothing wild and crazy. Nonetheless, Big Hand decided that to mark the anniversary of the doctor giving a g Megyn's Bloggy Goodness. Off to Work - Hallo everyone, Pokemon time no blog My brother moved in a few weeks ago Accountomax's House. A Girl Surrendered. Thank You! She has graciously agreed to let me post it here.

I love Real Life Singaporean Spanking Stories. Have A Spanking Good Christmas! So to each and every one of you Anal free porn wishes yo Spanking Authors. Continue reading Tags: CMNFforced masturbationforced nudityhumiliationspanked one nakedRussianspankingsubmissivevideos.

Naked Hungarian girl gets bound by three clothed men and as many women who then proceed to take pictures, spank, grope, and laugh at her.

Original source: can be found girls. Tags: BritishCMNFforced masturbationforced nudityhumiliationonly one nakedspankingsubmissivevideos.