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Episode 3 The Jersey Breakfast Club. Episode 2 Easter Wives Hunt. Episode 1 Wives and Misdemeanors. Plus: new Housewives! Episode 7 The Last Supper. Episode 6 Bay Breezes and Bad News.

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Episode 5 Cut From a Different Cloth. Episode 4 Jamaican Jailbait. Episode 3 40 and Fancy Free. Episode 2 On Lock Down.

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Gold stars all around. Episode 1 Sex, Lies and Video Debates. See all episodes. By Devon Ivie.

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By Zoe Haylock. By Charu Sinha. By Andy Dehnart. By Chris Murphy. Maybe MTV has an excellent pension plan. By Rebecca Alter. We wanted to see this in action. Where does that happen? The Jersey Shore. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Real Housewives of Dallas. I don't know who the man in the video is because we don't see his face if you know what I mean but we do get to see Danielle's clit piercing, her having an orgasm and pissing in the toilet at the end.

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NJ Housewife: Bethenny Frankel's Naked PETA Ad Made Me Vomit: ohnotheydidnt — LiveJournal

It's a lot and only the brave should attempt to click the link below. Obviously, I'm obsessed with gossip, however, acquiring the knowledge of Danielle Staub having a clit piercing wasn't something I ever needed to know. Sound off in the comments! Share Flag. Frankel39, boasted in the New York Post that she was "already pregnant" when she shot the ad and she was "pleased" with how it turned out "because it doesn't look like there's been any airbrushing.

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She says she's now three months along, but she did the shot in August. Even if she's four months pregnant now, she would've been, like, one hour pregnant in the pic. Meet Hollywood's new moms! She added, "Someone tell Bethenny that sperm does not make you look fat, and I'm not buying the airbrushing thing in any case. In September, Bethenny told TV Guide that Giudice is her "least favorite housewife" because she is "whiny and unintelligent. But this season, RadarOnline. With booze flowing and the cameras rolling, she let loose in a raunchy, X-rated scene the likes of which network execs had never seen.

But the tape will never see the light of day, a source reveals — because another cast member involved in the scandal threatened to zoe saldana sex