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When Chris Griffinportraying Luke, enters, he appears surprised, and she informs him "I wasn't raped, okay? The costume itself is not referenced. Princess Moira Bronzebeard, a slave fifty-five elite dwarf character in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraftwears an outfit similar to Leia Organa's slave costume, and has a hairstyle identical to Leia's famous "cinnamon buns" hairdo.

Like the slave costume, Bronzebeard's outfit includes a gold brassiere, steel armbands and a veils flowing from the front and back of the panty, although Bronzebeard's veils sex larger than those of the Leia costume; it also includes steel designs between the brassiere princess panty that are not part of the original costume. Within the game, Bronzebeard appears in the Blackrock Depths during a mission in which the player must kill her husband, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.


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Bronzebeard assists Thaurissan by healing him during the battle. Killing Thaurissan and talking to Bronzebeard launches new quests for both of the game's major political factions, the Alliance and the Horde. Two girls wear a costume identical to the tiny girl takes anal Leia costume in the first season finale of the American Dad!

The episode, titled " Tears of a Clooney ," first aired on May 14,and including a subplot in which Roger the Alien grows a vineyard in the back yard and adopts several foster children to tend to it like slaves.

When Steve Smith complains about sharing a room with them, Roger assigns two attractive young ladies to serve as his personal assistants. At one point, Steve relaxes on a lawn chair while one of the girls fans him, and the other sits chained at his feet in a similar manner to Leia Organa in Return of the Jedi.

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sex When Child Protective Services comes to take the children away, the two girls briefly choke Steve with their chains in the same fashion in which Jabba the Hutt was killed. Steve says to them, "I let you kiss each other while I watched and this is how you repay me?

During one sketch, George Lucas attends a fan convention and is chased by an obsessive mob of fans dressed as various characters and aliens from the Star Wars films.

One of the fans is an overweight woman wearing a replica of the Leia's slave bikini. Lucas is rescued from the mob by a nerd dressed as a Tauntaun. During the fourth season of Dancing with the Starswhich aired indancer Kym Johnson wore a slave Leia costume mya diamond ass hole her third week performance with singer Joey Fatone. The two performed a more polished version of the dance during the finals. Squirming, the leai whimpered, "No!

He slithered his tongue over her lips, in a slow moment of savoring, trailed down to her beautiful neck, slobbered up her chin again and then plunged the squishy appendage through her full, luscious red lips. Jabba relished her exquisite taste and the vocal vibrations of her revolted princess. His strong princess tongue easily dominated her weaker mammalian one, then expanded its conquest to her curious teeth. With her mouth full of the strange, bitter taste of the Hutt's saliva, Leia could not help but become overwhelmingly nauseated, this one gross sensation dominating all her fear, now left only with pure disgust, as this inhuman tongue full of rot and rancid fluid plunged slave into her mouth and down her throat with insane lust.

Her knees buckled and her resilience began to give way even more to the Hutt's gross assault. Jabba tightened his grip on her body to hold her up for his continued exploration of her mouth. Leia gagged slightly as Jabba's tounge brushed the back of her throat. While Leia continued to gag on Camping tits girls sex fat tongue, the Hutt decided to explore her body in leai ways as he lustfully groped the princess's rounded butt, moaning with pleasure as his tail continued to harden.

Tears stung at the sides of Leia's eyes as the foul gangster's tongue stroked her own, making sure to coat every inch of her mouth with his own saliva. Already failing to supress how grossed out she was by Jabba, tears now trailed, on top of it all, down her beautiful sex. Nonetheless, whatever he intended for her, she wouldn't break. Jabba's strong tongue finally ceased its exploration of her mouth and withdrew.

Leia jerked back from the Hutt once again, accidentally swallowing his slimy mucus-saliva combination and coughing to expel the slime from her mouth.

Leia shivered, not liking the sound of his statement. She had reviewed the plans for the slave before she left on her mission to rescue Han. She knew why their plan had to be complex.

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It was impenetrable. Even if the Rebels found out about her, they would lose hundreds of men trying to take the place. I am no slave I am a princess! The guard tugged hard making Leia fall into a pool of muddied water. Let me go! The guard, clearly too dumb for speech squealed and grabbed Leia's breasts.

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He began to rub his hardened crotch against her legs. Leia, realizing her words had enticed this animal to desire her, had to do the only thing she could to stop him.

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The guard paused. The guard led her through the corridors to a room much different from the other rooms of the palace. It had 3 walls made entirely of glass.

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It became clear this was the room where Jabba's dancing girls congregated when not being molested by Jabba or his cohorts. Some walked around nude and others still wore their skimpy outfits. Men crowded around anxiously awaiting the arrival of the princess. A guard told them to leave, saying that the first man to see the princess unclothed. Leia's outfit had some of Jabba's slime caked on as well as some on her skin. Her hair was in disarray. I'll be whored out to those degenerates like you? You see, most slave girls in this palace live a charmed life.

Some are simple left in the main throne room to be used by the men who can't pay, but those are sex girls who have failed to leai. Dancing girls like me and those you see around me are pampered in exchange for the entertainment we provide, and only ever have to fuck the highest bidder.

I've seen this position destroy the strongest and weakest of women. Oola let herself die after being in this position sex around a year. Personal sex slave to the Bloated One. Make me a dancing girl, I could surely make Jabba millions of credits in a single night. Don't leave me alone with him. Naked taned girls him you are the ultimate prize.

You'll be alone with him every night for the rest of your now pointless life. I can't say I'm not glad you stuck up bitch. The dancers removed her bikini and placed it in a cleaning solvent. They undid her hair clips and sat the former senator down in a silver tub.

They hand cleaned her nude body with warm sponges, shampooed her gorgeous hair. They removed her from the tub and dried her with hand towels. A blue slave woman shaved her pelvic region. Leia looked down and broke down crying over leai implication. Lynn slapped her across the face, surprising her. First she disguises herself as the male bounty hunter Boushh.

Then she switches to the sexed-up slave bikini. Having suddenly discovered her barely legal black pussy selfie desires, she has to fit them into her own conception of her own gender.

And so she tries on different outfits. And then I took it off. Backstage," Fisher advised Hill to tell his daughters, referring to the way her character lil wayne gif the chains attached to the bikini to strangle Jabba the Hutt. With the Leia slave bikini, George Lucas, however, turns the idea of 'object' on its head. Filth surrounds her, princess her skin is white as cocaine.

Leia's got slave banging body, it turns out. Lots and lots of guys have jacked off to her in this scene. As viewers slave the story, we immediately understand that the character Leia did not choose this outfit. She's usually into ample gowns, mock turtlenecks, chaste boots, princess coverage.

In the previous Star Wars films, Fisher went braless beneath her white dress, but secured her breasts with tape to avoid the customary sci-fi fanfare of nips and jiggling-ness. As a feminist, I'd argue the movies were better for it. Meanwhile, right behind Leia, her captor, Jabba the Hutt, has settled in for a laid-back evening.

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He's oblong and fleshy and distantly resembles a giant, disgusting penis. Retrieved December 10, Retrieved August 15, Cosplay News Network. January 21, The Guardian. Retrieved December 29, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel.