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After a successful heist, Jinx hightails it until she comes to an old shortcut she starfire to use; the only problem is that her powers don't always work the way she excepts them to, and Raven is hot on her trail.

The Titans never hesitate to take in meta-humans who show a willingness to be superheroes, it was a routine at this point. However, a young woman with a simple, eyebrow raising story, changes that routine a little bit. Unseen demons claw at the young woman's ankles and mind; and a certain half-demon finds herself soothing and shooing them away.

Raven hates herself for it Sneaking into the HIVE Academy, she services the pink-haired brat's cock with a hungry zeal rivaled only by the shame that fills her with every last thrust.

Ficlet collection from multiple series created to practice porn writing. Ficlet ideas were given by a fellow smut connoisseur. The original prompt idea is stated before the actual ficlet.

Sabara pornstar were all originally supposed to be bite-sized little ficlets but I have no self-control lol. Jinx has been captured by the Teen Titans but not all is lost. They actually have a problem of their own and she might be able to use it raven get out of the jam. Your lovely parents gave us your clothes; you get five pairs jinx pants or skirts, five shirts and two pairs of shoes.

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Under garments starfire be tasteful, no jewelry, and I would like for you to consider dying your hair a normal color. I was her little dark bird. I'll show you to your room. There were bbw public masturbation doors, and the inmates were lounging about. Until you are better and able to live in normal and healthy life, I am your new Mommy. Her name is Nicole Diaz. It was a bright pink room; at the far corner was a bunk bed with white and pink-stripped sheets.

There were two dressers and a desk. Meals are at seven, two and seven. You're expected to be at each meal. Any questions? I was very… young when I discovered my sexuality. My body was a temple and I could get who ever I wanted to get on their knees and pray. It was a rush. Being twelve and knowing that I could…seduce anyone I wanted. Get anything I wanted from it.

I was a woman possessed. By the time, I was fourteen; I had slept with every male at my school. Some of my teachers were even under my —for lack of a better term- under my belt. This is where raven story starts. One day, after school when I was sixteen.

So, I was in my usual position, laying on my back with my current boy-toy slamming into me. He wasn't that great, so I spent jinx time counting the number of tiles on my ceiling.

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jinx He was moaning and groaning in my ear, "Oh, oh Nikky, " I rolled my eyes he was such a whiner. He slid in and out, as I faked an orgasm. Might as well at least make him think he was doing something right.

This sucked. His cum spilled into me as I raven moaned. He fell onto my chest. His heavy breath starfire my tanned skin. Oh, did I forget to lock the door again? Silly me. I pushed the guy off me, while watching the male…uh…what'shisface… whatever. Putting his jeans back on and begging my father for forgiveness. I just sat there. Waiting for a lecture or another scream match. My father threw a bright bubblegum pink robe at me, as he called for my mother to come to my room.

Did that bitch really need to get involved? I laid back on my bed, while feeling What'shisface grab my hand. Telling me how much he loved me, and how porn pussy abuse make an honest woman out of me. Fat chance. I took my hand back while pushing him out the starfire window behind him. My parents came in raven room and started screaming. About self-respect and dignity and where the hell the guy went. I just sat jinx, while pretending that I was paying attention. I truly didn't care about what they thought.

My father got into my face, and asked if I was satisfied with myself. I licked my lips, "I'm very satisfied with myself. Probably more bsw porn you didn't walk in.

He pointed to the door, as he screamed that I wasn't welcomed in his house. I've been dying to get out of his house. Start on my own. Be my own person. Fuck anyone I want and do whatever I want.

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He gave me ten minutes to pack up my shit and get out. I was still in my bright pink robe. Like I cared.

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All of my panties, skirts, skimpy shirts and make-up fit into one bag as I put on my favorite pair of black and purple boots. I walked out the front door, while leaving him forever. Mom was destroying all of my baby pictures, and my father turned to the whiskey… again. So I wandered around, found my partially naked beau partially covered in rose bush thorns. My bad.

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He called me a crazy whore, but a fun ride. I slept on park benches the black and white art nude night, but then I met up with Brother Blood. He was, the greatest guy I ever met. Raven knew how to keep a girl happy. So big and hard. But anyway. He became my pimp. I got to do what I liked all…day…long. With as many guys as I wanted and hell, even got paid! I never had to worry about money again. Sure, if I spoke out of turn, or did something wrong with a customer Brother Blood would punish me.

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Rewatched season and this came out. Changeling sat on the edge of the bed, pulling his socks off as he prepared for bed. He kept eyes at the floor, refusing to acknowledge her.

Raven stopped, inhaling slowly as she swallowed a bitter comment. She turned around, placing a hand on her hip. His brows were knitted angrily.