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It made me realise I'm a very strong woman and this happened to me.

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It's not rape but it was kind of a wake-up call. Indeed, the "traumatic" story was recounted by the year-old actress after Howard asked if women ever told her not to joke about the subject of rape because she hadn't dealt with it herself.

She responded: "I haven't I've had violating experiences that make campfire gif go, 'Whoa'. I talk about the most brutal, upsetting, traumatic things and that's one of them.

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But he was so protective of me and made me very, very comfortable. It was our first day of shooting, of course. So, yeah. It was al lright. When you brace yourself for the worst, it can be good. That kind of makes sense for the way the dynamic plays where your character seems to have more intimacy with him than she does with her own husband, played by Josh Charles.

Sarah Silverman sex scene: She reveals she was violated while filming for a comedy - Mirror Online

Yeah, it was actually rain cover, like we were supposed to be shooting outside but it was raining, and then that was what we had to go do. Well, I never really think about life in terms of anal sex. It taps into different things.

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I was in a very low-frequency place while, the whole time of shooting it. We still laughed and stuff, but it was just real dark and an intense month and a half or so. Did you go home crying at times?

Sarah Silverman Compares Her Sex Scenes to 'Slow-Moving Horror Movie' - Made In Hollywood

The crew should have coffee! But they would just take me with a grain of salt. And when you say it brought up stuff, do you mean personal things for you? It's hard.

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It was good! However, the year-old star - who has been dating actor Michael Sheen for a year - assured fans she has no plans to give up comedy for hard-hitting dramas any time soon because she rarely gets offered serious acting roles.

She told Vulture: "I'd love to do more things but being a comedian brings me so much happiness.