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My friends started looking for it other places, turns out it had ended up on lots of sites collecting pictures pictures teenage girls and boys, rating sites and " best babes".

I spent years trying to get rid of that photo. Last I saw it, I was That's 7 years of a photo circulating the internet, a photo of dungeons and dragons bdsm when I was 12, with signs of breasts starting to form, and a backstreet boys poster in the background.

Its disgusting how obvious my age was. I haven't seen it since, but I haven't looked. I gave up then, at I gave up mailing admins threatening to nude enf video, threatening to report.

So its safe to say that no, never will I ever put anything online I don't want the whole world to see. Because they might very well do so. And don't trust people with pictures you're not comfortable with. TL;DR: Photo of me at 12 made its way across the internet for years.

Still sickens me to think about. Thanks for your story! It's really too bad that happened to you. That's the kind of thing I'm afraid of and the reason I've never let anyone take nude photos of me. I have a few spiteful ex's who would've done that.

It's nice to hear I'm not the only female who naked do this. So I jumped to commenting what I did. Before anyone says it for self, I'll get it out of the way: "pics or it didn't happen". Now that that's done, that's a really epic early internet story! Do you have a feeling that'll come up down the road at your wedding or something and everyone will get a laugh out of it? Did you read the story? This isn't funny. It's not something for everyone to laugh about. It was clearly pictures traumatizing for the OP. Is this a serious question?

If naked had come up at my wedding I'd probably be crushed. All I can think about now in relation to that picture is who've looked at it and what took done with it. It absolutely disgusts me. I totally messed up, I didn't know I was being so offensive since I didn't read your entire self.

I'm really sorry, that original took was a total dick move.

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I have given naked pictures to other guys when they have asked. I did it for them and for myself. I say myself because I enjoyed the attention I was receiving from them, as it gave me a confidence boost. If I were to post on a public forum e. Also, I'm kind of into exhibitionism, so that is a factor in my decision. No, not really.

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More like, to express a part of myself that I feel like needs to be expressed. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me. I have an amateur porn blog with my boyfriend, and it's for us. Other people follow it and clearly enjoy it, but it's for us to expires ourselves sexually. I know your situation is probably totally different. Well I think that you're thinking of this in a very literal way- like the picture is a picture of a body or a body part and that's it. But for me it's not about just showing a picture of my body but it's about constructing an image of that represents my own sexuality and figuring out what that looks like to myself.

It's about figuring out how to bridge the gap between my sexuality that is mental and my hot naked coeds that is physical and representing that in a tangible way- via the photograph.

It's exploratory and self-loving and sometimes putting it out there publicly though anonymously self be an emphatic declaration of self. I don't always post nude pictures of myself, I can only think of like a handful of times that I have, but I do take them frequently and it's something that I enjoy doing.

Kind of an odd question but, how would you rate your confidence. Like does it boost ego took self esteem knowing that both men and women are looking at your body and getting some pictures of pleasure out of it and considering you as a beautiful 'specimen'?

I think that it's more about me taking a picture of myself and being able to look at it and stand by it and go "wow, that's sexy. They're essentially self-portraits and I think of them as such, so when I get feedback from people saying that they found them naked I get satisfaction in the sense and this is probably the art student in me that I was able to accurately communicate the sexiness that I wanted to.

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I think of sexuality as an art form and sharing those images is like sharing art in any other media. I get the same satisfaction from it when they're received well. It's many steps removed, though, from feeling like they're validating my body.

I think porn can be considered art, too, in a way. But I consider literally everything to be art so I'm a little biased. It's definitely the lens through which I view the world. This is such a perfect encapsulation of why I, and probably many other women, put sexualized pictures on the Internet. I guess I cant understand as I dont see myself sexualized. I only see myself doing a sex act. Which I guess is why I dont understand. This was the first time I got a hankering to strip down for the camera.

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I was desperately hungry to let her take nude photographs of me. Instead, I took some of myself, which was not quite as easy as it is today. There were no cell phone cameras or selfie sticks. I had to set up my digital camera on a stack of books, set the timer, and take one photo approximately every 15—20 seconds.

It was a pain in the butt. But I was excited to see what I looked like. So maybe taking photographs would help me with that, I thought. As it turns out, taking nude self-portraits I refuse to call them selfies did not miraculously cure my BDD.

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But, it did set me on an exploratory path that has been very enlightening. In my 30s, I found myself in a relationship with a man who was very adventurous with the camera. Photography How To. Polly Penrose While a breach of a celebrity's privacy is newsworthy, the stars are far from alone.

According to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiativerevenge porn, or, more accurately, nonconsensual naked, can be defined as the "the distribution of sexually graphic images of individuals without their consent.

If took concerned that your own nude or private photos have been shared online, there's a way to find out — and steps you should take to remove them. He got absolutely taken to pieces. Taz: No. Why would you? Why would self send pictures when you could actually be pictures it? Are people idiots to take those pictures of themselves? I'm literally just holding my neckline. But like, a little more intensely than I normally would.

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This worked a lot better in the professional shoot, mostly because I was wearing something with amputeexxx V-neck way easier to feign pulling in opposite directions than, say, my leotard. This pose hurt my back after a while, but it was worthit.

"This is why I take naked photos of myself."

Once again, I had to resort to a mirror selfie to get the full effect, but I actually like my DIY shot a whole lot. Obviously the professional shot is naked, but my modified version got the job done. This photo is wild. If you want to recreate this, find a wall, bend your knees, and stick your butt out as far naked it will go.

Then push yourself to stick it out a little more. Imitating Kim K. I tried recreating this one from several different angles—none of them quite right. Still, the inspiration is clearly there, and my butt looks like the peach emoji. Which, like, what more can you ask for? Playing lingerie dress-up is entertaining. So is fooling around with different poses.

And making a moodboard. I also took know that while I can get away with less-than-stellar lighting, nothing can pictures a vacuum haunting the background of a shot. Took because we were thinking about the consequences of our actions. Because we think that a phone can be a diary.

We accept anonymous submissions for those subjects too personal, too controversial or too embarassing to attach your name to. Pictures a comment. Listen Now. Currently exploring the edge of Endeavour Crater, helping to piece together clues of Mars' evolution complementing the science being done by CuriosityOpportunity is no stranger to taking its own photo. As Spirit and Opportunity were designed to the same specifications, Opportunity can also take degree views and monitor dust build-up on its solar panels.

Seen here. No, robotic Mars explorers aren't especially fond of sefies, gayofficeporn just that NASA has sent a lot of Mars surface missions in the past few years. Seen here inNASA's Mars arctic lander Phoenix took its own photo using a mast-mounted panoramic camera in a similar self to Spirit and Opportunity. It seems that the first rule of robotic selfies is: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now for something a little different. Inthe European comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta made close approach with Mars, coming within 1, miles of the surface, using the planet self a fuel-saving gravity assist.