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Driving Barefoot chat about all issues involving cars, servicing, help, and tips. Not quite right, but getting there - the best way to save on fuel is to go light and gentle and easy on the accelerator pedal, and avoid sharp acceleration and jumping on your brakes - irrespective of whether you are barefooted, or pornstar skyy black cruise control. Some self-declared economy "experts" say you can imagine that you have driving uncooked egg between your foot and the pedal when accelerating.

Girls, is it better to drive in high heels or barefoot? Sexy anyone else here drive with bare feet? I love watching her floor the gas barefoot and hold it down to accelerate her car fast. I only get to see this when I am lucky to ride with a female girls who removes her shoes.

My car is an auto so heels don't make any difference to me. I think bearfoot could be dangerous if you pick up a stone or slippery if your feet are sweaty, regards, Denise. No telling what kind of stuff has been on the bottom of the shoes that have operated those pedals before you. Also Driving barefoot is safe according to driving instructors in the U. S the vibration from the pedal on the barefoot keeps you more alert while driving at night.

You can apply the brakes harder with shoes on than bare foot and it doesn't hurt as much.

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I'd rather be alert in general, than rely on a pedal vibrating to let me know I'm still awake. I love the way the gas pedal feels upon my foot. It's feels so, I don't know how to describe, just pushing down slightly with your big toes causes the car to rev.

Your right, there is just something about it Maybe it's the vibrations from the motors getting picked up by our bare feet that does it. Then when you start going faster, I love to have the windows down as well so the wind is going all through the car and my barefoot is still on the pedal.

Another thing that makes it even more "pleasurable" in my opinion, is if I am wearing jeans while I am doing it.

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I don't know why, it just does. Whenever I am wearing flipflops, I always take advantage of this. I guess the experience would be complete if I look over and see a sexy guy in my passenger seat. You have me looking at this from a completely new aspect, maybe I do find it sexy, not just comforting Hmm, food for thought. Brake pedals need a hard "sole" breaking action katya santos bikini times, and you can't obtain that in bare feet.

I am a long time married cross dresser with a very supportive, accepting, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful wife, who has taught me all the traits to emulating women from presentation, to walking, girls, sitting, mannerisms, make up, hair, nails, etc and from this, I have an extensive wardrobe,including 42 pair of HIGH HEELS and I do mean Barefootand although I have driven in HIGH Driving, this also can be challenging indeed Flats although I dislike them, are basically your safest.

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So do suggest you do revert to some style of foot wear and give up these bare foot antics - for your own safety. I don't do it all the time but it is allot easier to drive in my stockings or bare feet than to drive with heels on. I have done that a couple of times also. But I usually don't think to bring my tennis shoes with me. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls, Don't let 'em play guitars, go ridin' on trucks Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts! More holiday gift inspiration.