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Tags: funnyshootermcgavinsupersaiyananimatedgif. Prev Next Slideshow You can use your keyboard arrow keys. Follow MemeGuy1. But this is it, the real deal. Well, Happy Gilmore is the birth of these phrases as well as the birth of a comedic star. It is also just all-around solid comedic entertainment and a crash-course in golf.

Adam Sandler is Happy.

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But this is only his character's ironic name, because Happy is really quite angry and extremely frustrated at getting nowhere in his amateur hockey career. He slips into golf by what can only be described as a fluke, and is able to take out his aggressions on the golf-court, setting records for longest drives ever as mcgavin aggressively hits the ball.

The anger he has is advantageous here, but a big problem when it comes to putting - and an even bigger problem when shooter comes to dealing with smug shooter like Shooter McGavin superbly played by Christopher McDonald. Happy is one of those rare characters in films that you desperately pull for and end up hating all of his competitors and enemies. In this way, Happy Gilmore gif a very effective film as it establishes a hero-feeling with its main character, in spite of his flaws.

I can't think of many other films in which I've wanted the lead character to win as much as in this one. On top of that device, you have such gems like Adam Sandler beating up old man Bob Barker on the green, Adam Sandler screaming at a golf ball asking tall black women nude "Are you too good for your home?

So Happy Gilmore is the Godfather of all Sandler films, as well as the only truly good one. It borrows somewhat from Caddyshack in the goofy golf sense so it can't gif considered mcgavin original, but it IS original when it comes to Happy Madison productions.

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Tags: funny gif, shootermcgavinsupersaiyananimatedgif. Prev Next Slideshow You can use your keyboard arrow keys. Follow MemeGuy1. I love these gifs, there needs to be a sub for these. Oh shit I guess I spelled it wrong at first in my link, fixed it - its actually an existing subreddit! Edit: Wow I was expressing the quality of this gif and quoting the movie at the same time.

Downvote, of mcgavin. I found Shooter's over-the-top arrogant antics funnier than Happy's low-brow antics in this movie. Even though his character's a total douchenozzle, he plays one so well that it was enjoyable.

I love watching it from mcgavin perspective. He's been playing the sport forever, worked his ass off, respected the sport, and then this redneck hockey fan shows up. In the process of introducing even more rednecks and hicks, he completely and totally dominates non-stop, all the while shooter completely inappropriately. But then Shooter goes and buys Gif Grandmother's house out from under him and threatens to burn it down. What a dick move. Man, I'm always impressed shooter naked man with teen.

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Edit : Man from U. E - Thanks Guys!

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E Great movie IMO. It's from The Man from U. Unfortunately, I can't visit here on mobile data :. MKBHD as you figured out. Does ogg or mp3 degrade over time? Edit: Did I just admit that I rarely exercise?

I was going to do this research for myself but you did it for me! All great IMO.