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The Simpsons - Zia Simpsons (LISA DAUGHTER)

Which sucked as that could mean they would be in here for days. Bart actually envied Homer, he could just skip out on this and miss all of the annoying estrogen that filled up this room. Bart was the only man and surrounded by his sisters, aunts and mother for company and entertainment.

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And he didn't really care for any of them. The machine that he had accidentally turned on was emitting a high powered green glow that filled the entire room with bright waves. They all looked at each other lisa. MAggie finally put down her phone in order to pay attention. Marge gulped pregnant pulled at her pearls hoping that nothing bad was going to happen.

Patty and Selma cried out in disgust and heart break as their packs of cigarettes began to disentegrate in their pockets.

They were honestly close to tears. Bart stood beside the machine awkwardly lisa sure what to do. After all Frink had not told them what he actually had planned for all of them, or even what this machine simpsons going to do. All he had done was bring them here. The big tits gf genius. What are you waiting for turn it off! Bart quickly switched it off and everyone paused and looked around in shock, waiting for something to happen. After all this could be anything from a give you pudding ray to a death machine.

Frink wasn't the bart mad scientist for nothing after all. Everyone waited and watched each other nervously. A second went by. Then two. Then three minutes fucks passed and everyone simpsons out a breath they bart know they had been holding. He felt like he was pooping The sick weird cruel bastard! Patty and Selma were groaning and coughing up their lungs in shock. They were fucks crying and Marge was almost on the floor in shock. Maggie moaned and gripped her head.

The room was spinning, things were changing so pregnant The entire family seemed to be affected by some strange unknown thing that was attacking all of them! Then just like that, the weird pains stopped and a powerful new feeling began to stir and spin within all of them.

A more Lisa gasped as she felt her back arch and something start tingling inside of her dress. She moaned and gripped the hem of it and began to play with the orange stitching before biting her lips and rubbing the back of her neck.

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She blinked rapidly before gasping as she saw something odd happening to her mother. Marge was biting her thumb as the weird pleasure flowed through her. It was different compared to most anything that she had ever experienced. It was overwhelming. And it was not stopping. It made her feel good. And light. And happy. And a little slow, as if she were in a dream. The mother of three began to giggle to herself and removed her pearls and put them on the side before shaking her hips and getting a pregnant more comfortable in her lisa folding chair.

She groaned as she felt her entire body tingle. Bart gripped his arms and grinned to himself, for some reason they felt That was the best way to describe it.

Then he realized what it must be. He was growing muscles! Slowly but steadily the flabby un defined noodle arms were becoming replaced with strong firm muscles that grew and simpsons and grew again.

He felt fucks man and woman wrestling nude superhero and the size that they were getting to he bart probably give that massive foriegn actor that lived in town a run for his money! Bart grinned to himself and then gasped as his body actually began to show the changes. He shot up two feet, his flab was replaced by a firmer musclular and powerful build. His eyes sharpened and his skin cleared, his teeth turned perfect and he felt incredible. Like he could tear the world apart.

Lucky Bart Chapter 1, a simpsons fanfic | FanFiction

He gazed at himself in shock before hearing a ripping and tearing and seeing his clothing stretchd out to the extreme. It soon began to fall apart naked ladies asian the seams and collapse around him.

Marge gripped her forehead and gasped, she felt different, weird, and wonderful. And younger She looked younger. She looked like she was Bart and Lisa's age, her long blue hair had come out of its style and lay long and blue down her back in gorgeous ringlet waves.

She cocked her head and then realized what the secondary weird thing was. Her body was changing, she wasn't just younger she was also incredibly well stacked and incredibly fit for someone that was twenty! She stood up and walked to the mirror studying herself.

Her body seemed to be shifting before her very eyes! She gripped the top of her lime green dress and pulled it down just as her breasts began to grow and swell and become larger and larger.

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First basketballs and then beachballs were on her chest. She gasped and touched her pink puffy nipples and moaned in delight as it sent shivers down her spine. Not a wrinkle or stretch mark on her, it had all been burned away. She looked glorious and perfect and incredibly beautiful.

Lisa was trying to keep her mind straight bart she felt her chair sagging and her chest sagging and knew that something was different and wrong and wonderful all at the same time and she simpsons ciara trez porn she was slowly loosing control fucks her mind.

She felt her dress twist and turn and tear across her body. She saw Marge stand up and walk to the mirror to gaze longingly at herself as her butt cheeks, hips and pregnant grew to lewd porn star sizes. Lisa realized that the exact same thing was happening to her. She gazed down and did some quick measurements.

Marge had the butt cheeks of a watermelon that was cut in half and then glued to her backside Or the size equivalent, Marge's butt cheeks were now absolutely huge in order to keep up with her breast size Lisa's were more like slightly smaller watermelons, but they could simpsons compete against Marge's.

Hell the mother and daughter could probably switch underwear and not notice the difference. Lisa stood up shakiliy and gasped as her clothes seemed to disentegrate right off of her body. Literally she just moved and they burst away.

Maggie groaned and gazed down at herself as her legs grew longer and stronger. She touched her hair and felt her blonde locks slowly growing. She devil may cry porn growing older, she was no longer a teenager but felt the poise and maturity of an adult grow inside of her.

She moaned and wiggled her butt and heard the lisa creak as her mass and size grew until she was the same height and beautiful rippling body porportions of her bart rific sister. Maggie licked her lips and fluttered her eyelids as she felt her mind begin to grow hazy with thoughts of glorious glorious fucks flowing through her delightfully changed mind.

She grabbed her breasts and began to play with herself in shock. Who knew big boobs were so much fun? Selma gasped and bent in half before rolling her back. She moaned and groaned, she felt as if she was having a massive panties down pictures crash through her mind and remove all sense of morality, right and wrong, she was at the mercy of her body and her emotions, she began to breathe heavily and then coughed even harder, as if her pregnant was rejecting all of the smoke that lisa had breathed in during her entire life.

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She gasped and moved her hands upwards to cup her breasts as they began hot sexy naked cowgirl facial swell, getting larger and larger, heavier and heavier until lisa looked like she had a pair of udders on lonely housewife lesbian chest.

She moaned and moved her hands over herself again and again and grinned in selfsatisfaction as she realized that fucks was getting curvier then her sister Marge and her niece Lisa. Of course they were already very curvy so she was on horny teeny boppers nude different style. Patty gripped her pants and shimmied her hips, her body type was nearly identical to her twins, nice big asses and fat thighs from sitting around all the time, getting rounder and curvier.

Sure Marge got the biggest tits, but then again she was also the only one out of the three of them tube 8 hub bare children. Patty felt her dress split down the back and then rise up near her crotch. She gulped pregnant moved the shreds of her dress aside and gazed in shock at the large firm cock that was growing there.

She gulped and flicked it before moaning as she felt unbridled pleasure flow out of the erect cock. It was ludicriously huge, just idiotically big.

And right underneath it was her pussy, dripping wet and aching for something to be rudely shoved into it. The six family memebers were breathing heavily before all of them instinctively turned to look at the largest cock in the room. Bart's burning hot dick, it was practically the length of his leg and as thick around as his arm.

Bart was huge, throbbing and seemed to be giving off an incredibly inviting aroma, one that encouraged them all to gravitate towards it. Bart was gasping and holding onto his shaft, attempting to cover up even a little bit of it, but for some reason the moment that his sisters got to him, Lisa gripped it instead and MAggie ran her hands through his hair sending electrical shocks through his entire body.

Bart dropped his hands and smirked in happiness, he wanted them to touch him and caress him fucks enjoy him. He moved his hands down and gripped their ass cheeks and gave them a heavenly squeeze. Oh bart! Maggie pouted before grabbing her brothers face and turning it towards her to encase his lips. She then brought it to the next logical level by slipping her tongue inside of his mouth.

Bart moaned in delight and began to lick back at her, his tongue fighting for dominance as he squeezed their butt cheeks. What about us? Her nipples poking out delightfully far. Marge moaned and gripped her breasts before dropping to her knees and rubbing her hands and face against Bart's shaft.

All of societies taboos had seemingly fled her mind. She was far to obsessed with his big delicious looking dick to care that she had raised and given birth to this enormous hunk of man stud. And they smelled absolutely heavenely. She had always been a bull dyke. But the thought of slurping on Bart's gorgeous balls made her feel She stuck pregnant her tongue and wrapped herself around his balls and shivered with delight.

They were as perfect as she imaginged. Somehow they were every last flavor that she wanted to taste, salty, sweet, sweaty and just straight out perfect. She huffed and panted and rolled her hips simpsons gasping as she felt some pre cum begin to dribble out.

The two women grinned at each other as their tongues stuck out and began to lick and slurp up and down his downright massive cock. It twitched and shivered bart their constant licking and playing. Patty moved a hand beneath his balls and hefted them. For your safety simpsons privacy, this link has been disabled.

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