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In an interview on ConanScott recounted the many times it's been mispronounced throughout his life—a baseball announcer once made it sound like "C-Anne"—as well as the dubious reason his parents chose the spelling. He then joked, "That doesn't answer my question, but I think there were some drugs involved. All rights reserved.

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Why Hollywood won't cast Seann William Scott anymore. Getty Images. He's been dealing with personal issues Getty Images. He doesn't court publicity Getty Images. He's been typecast. Bulletproof Monk. The Dukes of Hazzard. Just Before I Go. He's often heard, but not seen.


The Minnesota native is smart enough to know the switch will provide a field day for skeptics. Honestly, I stress out so much about not doing a crap job. Lethal Weapon. Thank goodness I can still do it.

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Scott, 41, first flexed his muscles in the mids as an all-around jock in Cottage Grove, making the varsity football and basketball teams at Park High School. Who was asking for an open-mouthed kiss between Scott and Dickey? Such moments feel like Bloodline reveling in its R rating, particularly when it comes to Lauren and her nude body.

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Bloodline itself never wonders if Evan is a bad person, and the movie feels stifled by that lack of self-awareness. When Bloodline sticks to Evan and Marie, its themes of family and responsibility are derivative but stylishly communicated, through a propulsive score, quick cuts, and artistic sprays of blood.

The articles features screenshots from the clip An extract from the article reads: Voiceover: 'The countdown has begun. To the movie event of the summer. And it can only be described with one word. Like the Old General Lee font on the side of the car.

Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott turning around laughing.

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Voiceover: 'This summer the Dukes are back! Knoxville to cop: 'You all think you can catch me now? SWS : I look forward to it too. Thanks so much. Have a great day. I love being a wife and mom, and I love movies and TV.

I love Disney and the beach, and being awesome. I love the books Little Women and Harry Potter, and love stand-up comedy. I love writing for GeekTyrant!

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Seann William Scott : Hey, Jessica. Jessica Fisher : Hi, how are you?

He doesn't court publicity

SWS : Thank you! Laughs JF : So how was preparing for this role different, and was it hard being in a darker mindset? JF : You too, bye.