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The suit says that Passante first became aware of the images when she received a tweet reading, "Love the pics" from Is Anyone Up's Twitter account.

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The complaint goes on to claim that Moore later posted the video to porn-friendly website Fleshbot. Since filing the suit, Passante has claimed to suffer further headaches due to Moore's efforts.

McAleer filed declarations that Moore had violated a temporary restraining order by targeting the pair in a digital harassment campaign. According to the declarations, Moore published a number of obscene tweets with Passante's Twitter handle tagged, ensuring that she would see them.

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In another instance, McAleer claimed, when she emailed a copy of the restraining order to Moore, he replied with a message asking "if brandi had missed this? Show Comments. Keep Reading The pic above shows us the complete opposite as the two couples enjoy a night out. Maintaining such a look throughout the years takes a lot of work.

During the shooting of Storage Wars, she was forced to change area codes riding around with the cast. Brandi loves to take family trips, as evidenced by the picture above.

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She has a near K followers via platforms like IG and can we can understand why given her unique personality. Rene posted a video to YouTube, he was irate with what went down. Nabila took part during the earlier seasons on the show. One solid unit can lead to a retirement fund, just ask Nabila.

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The photo above looks like a bit of a mismatch. In the past, fans have posted a slew of photos — most notably, those pics feature Brandi and some of her best outfits on the show.

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This particular outfit seems to be a reoccurring one online, quite clearly fans love white and the way that it looks on the Storage Wars star.

Yup, Maria has some serious swag in the picture above rocking a lovely summer outfit.

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Casey and Rene remain active today. The cast shows some true swagger in the picture above.

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Truthfully, Brandi steals all of the attention given her wardrobe choice — yup, she selected a see-through shirt, that Jarrod fellow is one lucky dude. Share Tweet Email Comment. Related Topics Pop Culture.

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